The hidden curriculum (Petrić 2006, 18.) refers to unplanned and non-prescribed values, attitudes and behavior patterns that are transmitted to pupils trough teaching contents, methods, goals etc. There are heretofore a significant number of papers on various aspects of intercultural education in primary schools in Vojvodina regarding the gender component in the hidden curriculum (Bašaragin 2016, 128-130) or the realization of certain subjects (reading material in Serbian lessons by Stefanović 2017,163-171). Empirical researches on the elements of intercultural education, particularly gender, in extracurricular activities (school events, excursions, etc.) are missing. The aim of this paper is to analyze the degree of interculturalarity realized at school events in primary schools with Serbian and Hungarian as teaching languages in Subotica and to propose strategies as inventory of opportunities for intercultural and interdisciplinary design of these activities in accordance with their educational functions. I apply Grice’s maxims (Grice 1981) in the analysis of two video recordings of “School day” in one bilingual elementary school in Subotica with Serbian and Hungarian as teaching languages in 2013 (82’34’’) and 2014 (76’39’’). The school event is a complex discourse event performed by pupils together with the school director and announcers as an educational and entertaining act. The results show distinct, but also implicit gender (in) equalities: 1. female pupils significantly more than male pupils participate in the realization of the event; 2. the chosen program numbers represent rather parallel existence of two languages and two cultural practices than their incorporation. I conclude that the preparation and performance of school events play an important role in shaping intercultural coexistence in bilingual elementary school in Vojvodina. I suggest the way they can be used for better linguistic and cultural permeation in all kinds of bilingual elementary schools, including other parts of Serbia (e.g. in Kosovo).

Key words: extracurricular activities, gender, hidden curriculum, interculturality, school events.

Bašaragin, Margareta (2018). „Elementi interkulturnog obrazovanja u vannastavnim aktivnostima u osnovnim školama: primer rodne analize školskih priredbi u dvojezičnoj školi u Vojvodini“, Interkulturalnost u obrazovanju InterKult 2017, Zbornik 12, Novi Sad: Pedagoški zavod Vojvodine, Filozofski fakultet, 43-62.

Ph. D. Margareta Bašaragin